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Cardboard trash containers

Cardboard Trash Containers are Low Cost, Great for large or small outdoor events, Disposable & Recycle friendly. Also, we will ship them anywhere in the continental U.S. for FREE. 

Every event has trash. How you take care of it is up to you. We can help! Click here to see our products. 

Cardboard trash containers

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We developed our product 22 years ago.

“Thank you for visiting this website and your interest in our cardboard trash containers.  We developed our product 22 years ago for our own event rental company.  Due to our internal success, we now sell our product wholesale to “other” companies and individuals that are involved with events.   The TTC System is a nationally recognized product that will enhance the efficiency of any event large or small.”

Jason DeVine – Creator/Co-Owner

“Our Eco-Friendly cardboard trash containers are great for parties and events of all types and sizes. These cardboard trash boxes are disposable and with our custom label or direct imprint options can be a great way to advertise your company. Our multi-function trash or recycling lid and our time saving insta-bottom feature makes our cardboard trash container the best product for the best price anywhere in the USA!”

Mark Loyer – Co-Owner

Cardboard trash containers


The TTC System is a disposable and recycle friendly trash container that includes an optional “multi-function” lid and/or optional 55-gallon liner bag. Containers are plain and can be CUSTOMIZED with your company or event identification. Available in white or black.

Proven and efficient for these industries and thousands of companies nationally. The TTC System can be used in a variety of markets including:

  • Party Rental Companies
  • Event Management Companies
  • Waste Removal Companies
  • Marketing Management Companies
  • Porta John Companies
  • Festivals and Event Planners
  • Cities and Municipalities
  • College and Universities
  • Recycling Companies
  • Home Owners
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