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Customize the container with your company or event logo using our
direct imprint or “Do it yourself” stick-on label options. See examples below.

Custom Direct Imprint

custom direct 1

“Our Direct Imprint feature allows you to print your company or event logo directly on the container. Available in many colors and combinations to meet your individual needs.”

Standard Direct Imprint size is 12″X12″
Direct Imprint can be placed on 1,2,3 or 4 sides of the container
Direct Imprint available on Regular White containers only
Images must be emailed in a PDF file format for best clarity
For Direct Imprint, please allow two to three weeks for production
One time plate set up fee will apply
Call for pricing on Direct Imprint
There are minimum order requirements for direct imprint orders

Custom Stick-on labels

4″x 6″ Stick-On Label


8″X 11″ stick-on label


2″x 11″ Bumper Sticker Label

Stick-On labels available for Regular White and Black containers
Images must be emailed in PDF file format for best clarity
Labels will be on the shipment for you to apply (containers will not come with labels on them)
No set-up charges for labels
Orders that include custom labels can ship within one business day
Call for pricing on labels
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