• We have had great pleasure working with the TTC System.

    The product has been an easy sell to our customers while providing some great bottom line profits to my company. The TTC System looks great at any party and is a very functional item. No more rented trash cans to clean.

    Dale Blackwell President
    Aba Daba Rents, Inc.
    Sacramento, California

  • Thanks for selling me your disposable trash containers.

    I recently had our company picnic in my backyard. I was responsible for the cleanup and I can tell you the trash containers made the job so much easier. I simply pulled out the included trash bag and let my garbage man take it away. They were cost effective and looked nice, but more importantly, they made my cleanup job easier! As a matter of fact, I kept the boxes since they are also very handy for my garage and the recycling my family does. Great product. Highly recommend to anyone!

    Dave Boshears Consumer
    Phone: 269-781-3981

  • Thanks for your great product.

    We have the trash containers on display and getting great response for upcoming spring and summer events. Our customers are excited about the collapsibility and storage and yet being able to reuse. We look forward to being a many time repeat customer.

    Cheryl Brockman Owner
    A Party Apart
    Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Thank you for recommending your TTC System trash disposal boxes for our event.

     The white containers were very functional and really added a touch of class to our event. We’ll never have an event without them now. Thank you for your fine service and wonderful products.

    Karen Dobbins Consumer
    Phone: 517-629-9294

  • We have just received our second order of Disposable Trash Containers within a year.

    They fill a need with customers who really do not often consider what to do with their trash. The containers look good and it offers the additional benefit of advertising by labeling the box with our store name. it’s easy to sell and the margins are great. This product is a winner!

    Jim Ashbrook Owner
    Taylor Rental
    Benton Harbor, Michigan

  • I wanted to write and say what a wonderful product your trash containers are.

     I considered buying some Rubbermaid plastic containers for my party but did not have a use for them after my event was over, plus your disposable product looks so much better. I will recommend your product to anyone who is having an indoor or outdoor event. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    Anne Burnham Consumer
    Phone: 269-963-2069

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